Real Estate Lawyers Vs. Real Estate Agents: Who Does What?

In the world of Canadian real estate, it's easy to get confused about the roles of real estate lawyers and real estate agents. Both play crucial roles in property transactions, but their responsibilities are distinct. This guide should help to showcase the professional differences when it comes to real estate lawyers and agents, to help you fully understand who does what in the real estate landscape and ensure you hire the right professional for the job!

Real Estate Agents: Property Guides

When it comes to buying or selling a property in Canada, real estate agents are one of your go-to professionals. They act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, guiding you through the difficult world of real estate transactions. Real estate agents are also responsible for listing properties for sale. They gather information about the property, take photographs, and create attractive listings to attract potential buyers. They will keep a close eye on the local real estate market for you and analyze trends and pricing to help clients make informed decisions. Finally, agents arrange property showings, allowing potential buyers to view homes and helping sellers showcase their properties effectively, as well as a few more tasks such as enabling negotiations between parties and so on. 

Real Estate Lawyers

While real estate agents guide you through the property buying or selling process, real estate lawyers are there to ensure that everything is legally sound and in your best interest. It is essential that you always use a real estate lawyer, no matter how safe you think a deal is. Lawyers will conduct a title search to ensure that the property's title is clear and free of any encumbrances or liens as well as thoroughly review the purchase or sale agreement, making sure that all terms and conditions are fair and legally binding. Real estate lawyers handle the complex closing process, including the transfer of funds and the exchange of legal documents. Basically, every really important detail of your purchase or sale of a home will be done by a real estate lawyer. 

Collaboration Is Key

In the Canadian real estate landscape, real estate agents and lawyers often collaborate to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. While they have distinct roles, their efforts are complementary. Real estate agents connect you with the right properties and negotiate on your behalf. Once you've found the perfect property, a real estate lawyer should be utilized to make sure all legal intricacies are correct, and that your rights and interests are safe and well looked after.

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